My Visit To Google

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Buzz. *Scrolls through phone*  *A notification drops in*


Email Screenshot


It happened a month ago, I received a mail from Google informing me that I was one of the winners of the ‘Summer Camp with Google’ program, which just launched this year in India.

The program promised its winners a tour of the Google Office, and like any other child, I was pretty excited over it.

I filled out the form as required, and we  received the travel tickets and itinerary the next day.

It was decided that I would be visiting the Gurgaon(now Gurugram) office on the 28th of June, traveling to Delhi a day before.

Google paid for all the travel and stay expenses.

My Trip:

Day 1: Once we landed at Delhi –

I soon caught up with the in-charge from Google, who directed us to a cab which would take us to a hotel for a one night stay.

Before we knew it, we were at our room relaxing from the travel exhaustion.

The environment was very hospitable, and we got around our way easily.

There were other people from the summer camp, and it would be great to be acquainted with them, but it was late so we decided to retard that till next morning.


Day 2: The Day Of The Tour:

We got up real early, checked out of our rooms and went up for breakfast. Meanwhile, we got the opportunity to speak with the other people who were a part of the program and we all got along pretty well.

After waiting around an hour in the lobby area, at around 8:45am, we were all ready to depart for the Google Office. We used Google Maps to drive to the Office, because, reasons. 

After a 35 minute drive, we finally arrived at the Google Office.

Google Office

Once we entered, we were given some guest identity-cards.

We first entered a room dedicated for the Summer Camp With Google event, where we met the personalities behind the entire program and we were provided with brief introductions of the day’s events.

We were asked to enjoy our leisure at the cafeteria, for another 45 minutes and munch up on anything if we wanted.

The cafeteria was huge, with several buffets with variety of different meals and beverages. I, obviously, went for a hot cup of cappuccino.

Adittya GuptaAfter our little leisure time was over, we went back to the event hall, from where we were divided into groups of 10 for the office tour.

There were 8 working floors to be checked out, including the rooftop.

Due to reasons, we couldn’t check out the rooftop, but I was told it was very windy and a chill place to hangout for ‘Googlers’.

Different floors were dedicated to different kind of work spaces, some were super tech-based, like the second  floor, or some were chill like the sixth floor.

Let’s talk about what were common in these floors:

Micro Kitchen: As the name suggests, it’s a mini kitchen, one at each floor. There was also a chef at each kitchen. The kitchens were designed in a very sharp manner, with a question being asked and the visuals on the walls conveying the answers. I’ll post a picture I snapped. We were allowed to take anything we desired from these kitchens.

Micro Kitchen

Game Rooms: Each floor had a game room, but with different games in it. One we entered had pool and foosball tables.

Now let’s talk about floor-specific rooms:

Gym: It was a pretty compact space, but it had lots of gym-tools and a trainer.


Bunk-Beds: There were bunk-beds for times when you absolutely wanted to drop in a nap, which I think was a pretty nifty feature.

Nap-Pod: There was this huge bed-like napping machine which basically helps you nap peacefully  for a set time.


PS4-Room: There was a PS4 dedicated room with several devices for Googlers to game on whenever they wanted to take a break from ‘Googling’.

Library: There was a small, but under construction library that Googlers could use to borrow books from.


Yoga Room: There was a specific room dedicated to Yoga, and I was told that most Googlers were actually into Yoga so the room would be crowded early in the morning.

This was pretty much the office tour. We had other activities as well, because you know, it’s ‘Summer Camp’ with Google.

Other Activities:

Rock-Paper-Scissor With AI Making Kit: It was a super fun activity, for the demonstration of which, Rob from MadStuffWithRob paid a visit to us at the event hall.

Checking out Google based AI-browser games: We got the  opportunity to play some google made browser games, which portrayed the power of modern day AI.

Art with 3d Pen and VR Experience: We played with 3d pens, designing objects of our choice, and had the opportunity to try our some fun stuff with VR(Google Daydream).

……and that’s about it for my visit to Google!

It was a real fun experience with a lot of things to learn and really, I enjoyed it too. If you liked this blogpost, make sure to share this on your social media and comment on the post!

See ya soon,



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