Study With Me: Physics and Grammar

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Me at 10am: Another sunrise, another day to for a study with me.

Also Me: *Awfully sick with cold*

Welcome to this study with me, where I show you what I studied for the day and what work I could get done.

So, as I was saying, I’m kinda sick with cold and fever.

I blame the season change here in India from Summer to Monsoon.

(totally not my fault).

Here’s the study with me:



I studied, and completed my syllabus for the upcoming test.

This included a five new chapters that I covered in a span of two days.

In total, I have eight chapters for the test.


notes grammar

Cover study with me

I practiced a composition and several preposition statements.

I’ve never really practiced English before but I feel rusted so I might as well give it a shot.

Hope everything goes well for my exams, I’ll make a post about my preparation soon!

This was it about this study with me, if you enjoyed the post, make sure to share this post and check out this post on Top Study Mistakes.

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