Top Study Mistakes You Should Avoid

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I have made multiple mistakes while studying.

That is a statement, I believe, everyone can relate to.

From my several years of experimenting with different styles of studying,

I have come up with some top mistakes that I think you should know of, when it comes to studying.

Welcome – To The Top Study Mistakes That You Should Avoid:

Stressing out


1: Stressing Yourself Out:

As the semester advances, work piles up and seems so overwhelming, In the mayhem of study and relationships and health, it gets really frustrating and scary, and we tend to lose our patience and optimism really quickly as everything apparently falls apart in front of us.

Every student who has procrastinated enough can relate to this situation.

You must at all costs avoid taking stress and let it overwhelm you.

Taking stress is one of the worst things you can do as a student, as it not only drags slow your productivity, but also harms your health overall.

You can avoid stress by staying fully organized and knowing what you’re going to be put up against.

I know school stuff is hard and stressful, but with proper preparation and precautions you can avoid those hard stuff and go through your semesters without stress.

If you feel like you’re in a situation where you’re just taking too much stress and the anxiety doesn’t seem to go away, try taking a break from study and work for a while and relaxing and giving yourself enough rest. If things still don’t improve, try seeking out for professional help.

Ignoring Relationships


2: Ignoring Relationships:

This is one of the more serious problems in this list.

Many, and I mean many students fail to keep up with their relationships once they start studying, and that is straight-way daunting to look at.

As a student, you need to realize that grades aren’t everything there is to being a successful student, there’s much more variables taking into play that takes you to success, not just grades.

Relationships are an important road to our social development and it is necessary for us to keep us with them and hang out with our friends and family once every while, because after all, beyond all this student life, you need to realize that you are a human, and you need to act as one.

It is very easy to break relationships, than what it takes to maintain them. Remember to grow along with your peers, not without them.
Also, keep in mind that the reverse does not happen.

You must not give up on your work or studies running behind relationships.

You see, the key to actually maintaining a proper successful life as a student is to find the balance between work and leisure and relationships. Once you master this, trust me, life gets so much better.


3: Studying Too Much:

Doing something too much is very easy, and the effects will not appear to you immediately, but it damages your lifestyle, your attitude and your mental strength.
No one among us is perfect, and our brains aren’t like our hearts, unlike hearts, our brains do get tired.

An intense work like a 2 hour pomodoro session can actually strain your brain pretty harshly and taking rest is the only way you can, as I like to say, recharge your brain.

This recharging of the brain is really, really important to stay healthy and to be productive throughout the semester.
Spending hours and hours studying cannot achieve the same efficiency as studying less, but smartly.
Spend some of your time performing your hobbies, or watching a movie or playing games or doing sports.

Just things that keep you healthy and is not study related.

I know it’s kinda ironic that a study blog is posting stuff asking you to not study so much, but this is actually so important that I cannot keep myself from telling it to you.

At the end of the day, all that really matters is how much you focus and study smart, not how long you study.


4: Keeping Your Phone Nearby When You Study:

Unless you need to use the internet to study, you must not keep your phone nearby when you’re studying.

Phones can be really distracting when notifications start blooming in, and it is for the best if you build up the patience to keep it away.

If the phone is within your sight while you’re studying, it can really tempting and harder to focus and concentrate properly.

A little work as keeping all distractions like phones aside before you get to study can improve your study experience massively and help you be much more productive.

5. Not planning before studying:

I’ve seen so many students study without a clear plan and idea of what they’re gonna do and this really bugs me.

You see, not having a clear idea of what you’re gonna do can actually feed on your concentration and motivation, and this of course isn’t what you would want to happen.

All it really takes to plan your study is to check on your due dates, project progress and assignments and about upcoming tests and know what needs to studied, and what your priorities should be.
I know this is obvious, but completing your priorities early on  in your study session will make you feel motivated and stress free in the long run. Before you sit down to study, have in mind what you need to complete, and how much time you have up your sleeve.



6. Using breaks recklessly:

I’d always suggest you take frequent breaks in between your study sessions, I personally use the 25-5 minutes classic Pomodoro method for most of my study work.

Taking breaks is wonderful when done efficiently but it can also easily disrupt the focus and concentration if you spend your breaks recklessly.
Do not do any chore that will destroy your concentration during your breaks, like checking social media or watching random vines on the internet.

I know you care about dancing cats, but your focus is far too expensive to lose for the sake of dancing cats(No hate, though).

Instead of checking your phone, use your breaks to treat yourself if you’re hungry or brew some coffee(avoid energy drinks).

If you’re studying late you can even try meditating in the little time that you have which boosts concentration immensely.


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