Seven Study Hacks

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So, you tell me that you’re looking for study hacks to ace those exams? No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Study hacks, are simple tricks that can help you study effectively! They’re easy to follow, hassle free and effective enough for the most part.

So, let’s get straight into the hacks:

1. Get Natural/Warm Lighting:

Cold lighting or artificial lighting in general distracts you while natural or warm lighting keeps you calm and concentrated. This, however, is not true for everyone, as some people might actually prefer cold lighting instead.

2. Gift Yourself Something To Drink:

Having something to drink while studying is really helpful. It could be anything, coffee, tea, a smoothie or just plain old water.

This helps you stay hydrated, of course, while also keeping you awake(in case of caffeine) or concentrated(applicable for all drinks).

You might, however, want to avoid sugar heavy drinks like a Coke.

3. A Task At A Time:

Focus on one task at a time. Basically, avoid multitasking. It’s a myth. Your brain can only process so much at a time, effectively, that is.

Working on one task at a time helps you complete your entire work fast and more effectively, when compared to while multitasking.

4. Audio-Notes:

Yep – your notes, now as audio.

Alright, that sounds like a cheesy brand promo line, but nonetheless, it summarizes the concept – converting your notes into audio.

How do you do that? Simple – grab your phone, and record yourself reading out your notes.

You can listen to then whenever you’re free, like while having food, during commute etc.

Doing this might sound awkward, but you’ll start reaping the benefits very quickly!

5. Post-It Notes:

You can make small, efficient post it notes that you can stick around your house.

This could include vocab for a foreign language, formulae, Shakespeare’s quotes or small mind maps.

You can really play around with this and though it might look ugly, as a student, you’d cherish it so much.

6. Explain Concepts To Others:

Trust me on this one, the best way to actually test yourself on an academic topic to be able to explain a concept to someone else, preferably someone who has little to no knowledge of that concept prior to it.

This can really help you find out your flaws, where you could improve and also helps you retain the information longer!

7. Have Crash Courses:

No, I don’t mean that YouTube channel. I mean to build your own crash course.

What’s a crash course, you ask? Well, a crash course is a course that explains basic info on a topic in a very short period of time.

Sounds like a fun little activity, doesn’t it?

Proceed in this way:
Find a topic, list down basic information and try to make notes with those in as little time as possible and read it out to yourself or someone else and see if the person(or you) can understand it.

Okay, so that was it for this blog! Hope you liked it and found this helpful! If you did, consider sharing this with your friends! Until next time!

~ Adi.

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