Diwali 2018 – Come As You Are

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Okay, I know that I’m a week late with this post, but bear with me as I show you around.

So, Diwali 2018, it was, to say the least, kinda LIT. Okay, sorry, bad pun.

Anyways, I had a one week holiday from school on occasion of Diwali/Kali Puja, which I surely took advantage of.

And by advantage I mean procrastinate as if I’d die the next day. I know, not the best move but hey, I needed the break, okay? 

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Diwali - A Breif Description

Diwali, the infamous festival of lights. But that’s not all that it has on store. 

Diwali enshrines positivism. It’s the epitome of what it means to be victorious, happy and humane. 

It’s like thanksgiving, for the most part. With lights instead. And sweets. And fireworks for some reason.


That's my study table LMAO.

The Fun, The Ugly and everything in between

Diwali is fun, for the most part. It’s social, friendly and enticing. What separates Diwali from other Indian festivals is the intense social stigma that it brings within people. 

I spent my Diwali at home, which isn’t surprising considering that the noise of fireworks and smell of firecrackers would probably kill me. I woke up early(PS: my early is 10am), bathed, and worked on home chores. 

I went out to buy A TON of sweets, decorated the house and made a tealight-candle design on the floor.

I would have preferred making the rangoli by myself as well, but mum was like:  “Nah mate, not today.”


Candle Design
This is the candle design ^^

My family and I, after the rituals, visited our neighbors and relatives, sharing sweets and well wishes.

It was a tiring day, to say the least. But it was fun – lighting all those earthen lamps, candles and decorating the entire house. Festivals these days are more of an excuse to shut off from the virtual world and spend quality time with family – but it works, so I’m not complaining.  

adittya gupta

Talking about the ugly stuff, here’s my rant:

Diwali – is the festival of light. Light. Not fireworks or firecrackers. I don’t get why people would needlessly destroy their atmosphere and harm stray animals. LIKE GET TO YOUR SENSES PEOPLE.

You really don’t need disturbing and harmful fireworks to enjoy Diwali. You don’t. Ask yourself. Do you, really?

(adds a random photo so that the rant doesn't become annoying).

Really, tho, we need to change our customs. Unnecessary destruction is never a good thing. We’re polluting our own planet, and destroying it’s very own life. 

I’d like to change it myself, someday, if I could.  

Anyways, that's it for this blog - catch ya later!


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