How to concentrate and focus on studies

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Let’s face it:

To be able to concentrate on studies is hard.

If you’re anyone like me – you’ve faced problems in concentrating at least once while studying.

Luckily for us though, this problem is easy to solve with a little work and comprehension over the issue.

I have some tried and tested tips to improve concentration for studies, so lets get started:

Study Area creation


1: Create A Study Space:

Video by: Thomas Frank

A study space is an area that you dedicate only for study or work. You need to create a proper study space.

Now this doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t even need a proper desk.

Just center this space around productivity, and try refrain studying at your bed.

How do I build a study space?

It’s not that hard. Just find a suitable place, preferably with good or natural lighting.

Add a table or a desk, or maybe just use the floor!

Add in your stationery and other utensils that you may use around your study space.

….and you’re done – you can call it a study space!


2: Creating A Proper Ambiance:

This may seem something similar to the previous tip, but it’s unique on its own.

What I mean by creating a proper ambiance is that you shouldn’t have your leisure material near your study space.

Alternatively, it could mean that you should have study-related or motivational material near your study space.

Something like motivational posters, or acrylic stationery cabinets. Anything that’s relevant.


3: Creating A Study Ritual/Routine:

When it comes to be able to concentrate on studies, creating a study ritual is essential.

How do I create a study ritual?

  • Start by planning how you want to study.
  • Go into when you want to study.
  • Delve into how long you want to study.
  • Highlight how often you want to take breaks.

Put all those down in a piece of paper, mark it out and plan perfectly – create a routine.

Don’t be generic – like study for 8 hours. Be precise and simple.

Creating a plan


4: Organize And Plan:

If you’re anyone like me, organization is your baby – or in other words – it’s super soothing.

Organization and planning is super helpful for concentration and keeps me stuck to my study space whenever I need to.

How should you properly use organization for your academic benefit?

You can organize your study materials, your stationery – your files and other relevant things.

In doing so, you fortify your organization system into something very powerful and reliable – which boosts motivation and concentration.


5: Stop Wasting Time On The Internet:

This video by Thomas Frank goes over different ways you can  actually stop wasting time on the internet.

I’ll summarize the info:

  • Using website blockers on your device.
  • Using an app that limits you to certain functions, such as only typing.
  •  Block distracting applications like Steam etc.
  • Realize that you’re procrastinating and take strict steps to prevent it.
  • Prepare yourself mentally and built a stronger sense of focus and concentration.


6: Learn Things In A Different Way:

Trying out new ways to study is the best way to motivate yourself and concentrate on studies.

I’ll list down some ways that I learn things in:

  • Active Reading.
  • Note-taking.
  • Mind-mapping.
  • Making voice notes of information and listening to them later.
  • Annotating.

These are the ways I cherish and abide by, and I’m sure you’ll find them useful as well!


7: Start With The Difficult Tasks First:

This has been the golden way to start work for me for a long time now.

If you start off with the most difficult task, you’ll eventually delve into the work ambiance and skim through your work load like it never existed.

This may seem daunting at first, but once you actually start – you’ll pick up the momentum.


8: Keeping Distractions Away:

You might want to hold onto the temptation of using your phone using your study sessions.

You can achieve this by:

  • Knowing your distraction firsts – we’ll get on this a little later.
  • Working on them, maybe switch off your phone before you sit down to study.
  • Noting down the results.

If you can manage to keep distractions away, concentrating on studies becomes much easier.


9: Stay Hydrated:

Needless to say, staying hydrated is important – especially if you’re a hormone generating teenager.

Just make sure to have ample water near your study space, so that you can quickly grab some whenever you feel the need.

This may seem like a little thing – but it works wonders.

Notebook doodle


10: Study With A Partner:

Studying with someone else is a nice idea – when done right.

You need to choose a proper partner for the task, though.

Make sure it’s not someone who would rather distract both of you from the actual work.

Just invite somebody – perhaps even online through video chat – to study real time along with you boosting both of yours efficiency.


11: Get Things Near You And Ready:

Before you sit down and actually start studying, maybe 25 minutes prior to your estimated study session – get things ready.

What I mean is, prepare and gather things on your desk – your stationery or whatever material you may use.

Getting water and some snacks is also a very good idea so you don’t have to get up mid-way your study session.

By doing this, you make sure that nothing forces you to leave your study space to fetch something during the session.


12: Create A Reward System:

What is a reward system?

A reward system is essentially where you have several short-term goals and once you complete those goals, you reward yourself something valuable.

By creating a reward system, you basically create a reason for you to do work.

Once you have a reason to work, concentration flows in like river-water.

Create a non-distracting, yet effective reward system – for example, my reward system looks something like this:

I start with a cup of coffee and some work, and once I complete that work – I’ll reward myself another cup of coffee or any other drink I may be up for.

Essentially, I’m rewarding myself something to drink each time I complete a short term goal from my list – and it works.

Some tips while creating a reward system:

  • Don’t make long-term goals.
  • Reward yourself something non-distracting, like going on social media isn’t the best choice.
  • Don’t go overboard with the rewards.

man working with coffee


13: Take Regular Breaks:

I can stress enough on this. You NEED to take regular breaks in order to concentrate on studies.

Our concentration is very fickle, and it doesn’t like when we ponder over one thing for long periods of time.

Taking short but frequent break in essential to be able to concentrate on studies properly.

Here’s how to effectively take breaks:

  • Work for short sessions, and call it break-time soon enough.
  • Don’t work on anything too distracting during the break.
  • Enjoy it, but remember that you still need to go back to study afterwards.


14: List Your Distractions:

Listing your distractions is important to know what they are and deal with them.

You can list them on a simple piece of paper and check it out later.

Here’s how to list your distractions:

  • Keep a sheet of paper near you while you study.
  • Once you feel distracted, write whatever it is that distracts you.
  • After the study session, go back and check them out.


15: Work On These Distractions:

Once you know what these distractions are, you need to start working on them.

If it’s that one instagram DM that distracted you – make sure your phone is on airplane or DO NOT DISTURB mode while you’re studying.

If your mom asked you to run her an errand to the grocery store, update her with your study time and ritual so she knows when to not disturb you.


16: Get Proper Sleep:

Getting proper sleep is crucial for a student or any person who wants to work effectively.

As a student, you should drop in at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. This number is different for every person – but it gives you an average insight.

Make sure you get proper sleep, because your brain works better with a goodnight’s sleep!


17: Eat Healthy:

Eating healthy is important for your health – I bet you know that already.

But it’s striking to know that so many students actually ignore eating healthy and have weird eating habits.

To be honest, I’ve been one of those students myself, but I’ve realized my mistake and changed for the better.

Make sure you have healthy eating habits and that you don’t skip a meal!

Multitasking with coffee


18: Don’t Multitask:

As many people will tell you, Multitasking is a myth.

Despite if multitasking really is a myth, it certainly is bad for concentration.

When you’re trying to concentrate on studies, multitasking isn’t the best companion. It will only deteriorate the concentration you have.

Whenever possible, avoid multitasking on a lot of work – work on one task at a time and move on to the next.


19: Try Active Reading:

Adittya, What on earth is active reading?

Active reading is when you actively involve yourself with the material or information while reading, as opposed to passive reading that is basically skimming over text.

In active reading, you annotate, highlight or note-take from whatever it is that you’re reading.

This is a really great study method that involves active participation of your mind and thus boosts concentration.


20: Choose A Study Time:

This goes hand in hand with creating a study ritual – but having a set study time is essential.

You can try and study at different times of the day and see what works best for you.

For me personally, I like studying at the evening after I return from school, at around 6-9pm.

I don’t study for 3 hours, but I would study in that time period.


21: Stop Looking For Motivation:

If you’re someone who spends most of the time on the internet looking for motivation to start work, well, you need to stop.

Looking for motivation isn’t bad, but in doing so, you’re actually procrastinating instead of getting actual work done.

And this needs fixing. doesn’t it?

I’ll suggest just closing all the browser tabs and starting to work, and productivity will flow – that’s honestly how I get work done sometimes.


22: Try The Pomodoro Method:

Adittya, how do you come up with such names?

I didn’t come up with it, it’s actually Italian for Tomatoes – yep.

Basically, here:

  • You work for 25 minutes.
  • Take a 5 minutes break.
  • Repeat this cycle 4 times.
  • Take a longer, 45 minutes break.
  • Restart the session.

That’s the classic Pomodoro Style, you could create your own – maybe a 50-10 session or whatever works for you.

It has helped me concentrate for multiple sessions.


23: Get Something To Drink:

This seems kind of absurd – but it works.

I normally get myself some coffee to drink while I start my work – and this boosts my productivity and concentration exponentially.

You can drink whatever you like – Water, Coffee, Fruit Juice – whatever works for you!


….and that’s it for this post!

I hope you found this blog helpful! If you did, show some love by sharing it and check out this post on top study mistakes.

And as always,






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