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Hello there! ^~^ I’m Adittya, and I’m 15(honestly please don’t judge my age by how old I look – premature puberty). I’m a sophomore at highschool, and I’m taking my ICSEs next year(2019).  I’m a newbie lifestyle blogger from India, and I talk about my school-life and study related content. I grew up in India, and I’m bilingual. I’m also a huge nerd and an Otaku, who loves their bunch of fantasy/slice of life anime or mmorpg games. 

Adittya Gupta

Creator, Student's Alley

I’m an extreme introvert, and my social awkwardness is sometimes misinterpreted for discourtesy. I’m love creative writing, and I usually write poems or microtales. I plan on majoring with astrophysics and research under a professor during college. I have a huge stationery addiction, which is surprisingly hard on the pocket.   

I guess that’s enough info for today, see you in my posts!

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