A Day In My Life: Missed School

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So I missed school today. Fun, eh? Not really. I feel bad because I overslept for no reason, getting about 14 hours of sleep, which is averagely fine for me, considering my hypersomnia.

Missing school isn’t the worst thing ever for me, though, because most of the syllabus has already been covered anyways. Going to school is mostly necessary because of my attendance, which is excused for this year anyways.

I don’t mean to take advantage of this, though, so I try to go whenever I can so that people know that I’m alive and fine.

So talking about alive and fine reminds me that I need to shave as well, so be right back!

*Few Minutes Later*

Okay so I’m back after shaving and showering, now I need to go out with my brother to buy some sweatshirts for ourselves!


place near our garage

Alright so my brother and I decided to take the bike and drive to our favorite shopping location. 

It took us about one-hour to reach there, thanks to the busy traffic that we sadly encountered. 

We shopped for a while before returning, we had some steamed momo and reached home at around 4:00pm.

Me on the bike while returning

I had some food after I returned home, and rested while listening to music for some time. 

It was evening by the time I was ready to start working, so I decided to make myself some quick green tea.

the tea bag tho

I started working on my chemistry practical and physics notes. It took me a good two-hours to complete both, and after that I took some photos to upload on Studying Amino.

I ate my dinner shortly after and started to listen to some more music before I finally called it a day and went snoring about.

It was a decently alright, casual day with little work and loads of fun, let’s see how long can I play with this casual attitude.

my physics notes

So that's pretty much it for this blog, I hope that you enjoyed a day with me, because there's lots of similar posts coming along!

I'll see you soon, until next time, Cya! ~Adi.

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